What is COBOL?

COBOL is a programming language that is mainly focused on solving a business problem. Full form of COBOL is Common Business-Oriented Language. It is primarily used in company and government business, finance, and administrative systems. This language also used as a solution to many data processing problems.


What is an Exception in Python?

An exception is an error which happens at the time of execution of a program. However, while running a program, Python generates an exception that should be handled to avoid your program to crash. In Python language, exceptions trigger automatically on errors, or they can be triggered and intercepted by your code.


CCleaner is a utility software that clears your online tracks, frees up space, and helps you manage your machine, so it increases the speed of your PC so that it runs faster. However, Piriform CCleaner has some limitations, like it cannot wipe every deleted file from your hard disk due to the way Windows operating system stores various files. Moreover, it also updates itself without your acknowledgment and runs forcefully in the background.


IVR is a system which interacts with callers, gathers details and routes calls to the right person. IVR is an acronym for Interactive Voice Response. It takes a combination of user voice and touch-tone keypad selection as an input and gives you proper responses.


Voice recognition is a computer program that decodes the human voice. It takes the spoken word as input and translates into text. Text to Speech is mainly used to perform commands, operate a gadget, or write without using any input devices.


PC optimization improves the life of your PC, and prevents the virus, bugs, malware from infecting your important and mission-critical data. It is very effective in enhancing your computer speed and increase your business productivity. Optimizing is useful to remove unwanted images, files, videos, and audios from your system.


PowerPoint is a presentation software managed by Microsoft. This software helps you to creates a slide show of important information. However, PowerPoint has some limitations, like the inability to represent the complexity of some topics and limited built-in infographs.