It's a sales document ,which informs the customer, that company will deliver a specific quantity of product at a specific time and at a specific price.

Quotation  can be created after receipt of  inquiry from customer or without inquiry.When quotation is created post receipt of inquiry from customer , two methods can be followed  -

  1. Create quotation with reference to inquiry.
  2. Create quotation without reference to inquiry .

The following demonstration creates quotation with reference to inquiry. T-code for create Quotation : VA21

Step 1)

  1.      Enter T-code VA21 in Command field.
  2.      Enter  quotation type.
  3.      Enter Sales Organization / Distribution channel / Division in organizational  block.
  4.      Select Create with references button .

Step 2)

  1. Enter Inquiry Number .
  2. Click on copy button.


  1. Enter Ship-To Party.
  2. Enter Po Number, if any.
  3. Enter Valid from and Valid to date (this is a date until which this quotation will be valid.)
  4. Enter Quantity of material.

How to Create Quotation: SAP VA21

Step 4)

Click on save  button .

A message "Quotation 20000076 has been saved " will be displayed.