Time Evaluation processes the employees' attendance at work and absences from work to make sure they are paid accordingly.

  • It evaluates the employee's actual working time and absences.
  • It calculates time-related payments.
  • It updates absences quotas.
  • It generates time wagetypes which are transferred to the Payroll Program.

Before executing the Payroll Program, all employees need to be processed successfully by the Time Evaluation Program.But time evaluation needs to run for relevant employees. Some employee populations may not have time evaluation requirements.

How to Run Time Evaluation: SAP PT60

Step 1) To Run Time Evaluation, Enter PT60 in the SAP Transaction Code Box

How to Run Time Evaluation: SAP PT60

Step 2) In the next SAP Screen

  1. Enter Personnel Number
  2. Enter Evaluation Schema
  3. Enter Evaluation Up to Date (The date until which Time Data will be evaluated)

Step 3) Enter any other selection field if required. Click Execute

How to Run Time Evaluation: SAP PT60

Step 4) Time should be evaluated and a log must be displayed.

How to Run Time Evaluation: SAP PT60

You can view the Time Results Generated , using transaction PT66




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