Oracle PL/SQL is an extension of SQL language, designed for seamless processing of SQL statements enhancing the security, portability, and robustness of the database. This PL/SQL online programming eBook explains some important aspect of PL SQL language like block structure, data types, packages, triggers, exception handling, etc.

Key Highlights of PL/SQL Tutorial PDF are

  • 188+ pages
  • eBook Designed for beginners
  • Beautifully annotated with screenshot
  • You will get lifetime access

Inside this PDF

  1. What Is PL/SQL? Introduction & Architecture
  2. SQL Vs. PL/SQL Vs T-SQL: Key Differences
  3. PL/ SQL Block: STRUCTURE, Syntax, ANONYMOUS Example
  4. PL/SQL First Program: Hello World Example
  5. Oracle PL/SQL Data Types: Character, Number, Boolean, Date, LOB
  6. Oracle PL/SQL Variable Identifiers Tutorial with Examples
  7. Oracle PL/SQL Collections: Varrays, Nested & Index by Tables
  8. Oracle PL/SQL Records Type with Examples
  10. Oracle PL/SQL: CASE Statement with Examples
  11. Oracle PL/SQL LOOP with Example
  12. Oracle PL/SQL FOR LOOP with Example
  13. Oracle PL/SQL WHILE LOOP with Example
  14. Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedure & Functions with Examples
  15. Oracle PL/SQL Exception Handling: Examples to Raise User-defined Exception
  16. Oracle PL/SQL Insert, Update, Delete & Select Into [Example]
  17. Oracle PL/SQL Cursor: Implicit, Explicit, Cursor FOR Loop [Example]
  18. Oracle PL/SQL BULK COLLECT: FORALL Example
  19. Autonomous Transaction in Oracle PL/SQL: Commit, Rollback
  20. Oracle PL/SQL Package: Type, Specification, Body [Example]
  21. Oracle PL/SQL Trigger Tutorial: Instead of, Compound [Example]
  22. Oracle PL/SQL Object Types Tutorial with EXAMPLES
  23. Oracle PL/SQL Dynamic SQL Tutorial: Execute Immediate & DBMS_SQL
  24. Nested Blocks & Variable Scope in Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial [Example]

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