What is a Test Scenario?

A Test Scenario is a probable way or method to test an Application.

What is a Test Condition?

Test Condition is the specification that a tester must follow for testing an Application. There can be multiple Test Conditions in a Test Scenario.

Difference between Test Scenario and Test Condition is a very common FAQ amongst QA beginners.

Below is a detailed comparison

Test Scenario
Test Condition
  • The test scenario is a possible way to test an application.
  • The test condition is the constraint that you should follow to test an application.
  • Test scenario can be a single or a group of test cases
  • Test condition can be a piece of functionality or anything you want to verify. In simple terms the goal of a test cases
  • It is important when the time is less and most team members understand the details from one line scenario
  • It is an item or event of a system that could be verified by one or more test cases. Eg; transaction, function, structural element etc.
  • Good Test coverage can be achieved by dividing application in test scenarios which reduces the complexity
  • Good Test Condition ensure a system is bug-free
  • The test scenario is rather vague and covers a wide range of possibilities
  • Test condition are very specific
Example: For testing, you have so many ways like positive testing, negative testing, BVA etc. Example: When User Name and Password are valid then an application will move forward