Before we Learn What Use Case Testing is, let’s understand

What is a Use Case?

A use case is a description of a particular use of the system by an actor or user. It is used widely in developing tests at system or acceptance level.

What is Use Case Testing?

Use Case Testing is defined as a software testing technique, that helps identify test cases that cover the entire system, on a transaction by transaction basis from start to the finishing point.

How to do Use Case Testing: Example

In a use-case, an actor is represented by "A" and system by "S". We create Use for a login functionality of a Web Application as shown below

test scenario

Main Success Scenario Step Description
1 A: Enter Agent Name & Password
2 S: Validate Password
3 S: Allow Account Access
Extensions 2a Password not valid
S: Display Message and ask for re-try 4 times
2b Password not valid 4 times
S: Close Application

  • Consider the first step of an end to end scenario for a login functionality for our web application where the Actor enters email and password.
  • In the next step, the system will validate the password
  • Next, if the password is correct, the access will be granted
  • There can be an extension of this use case. In case password is not valid system will display a message and ask for re-try four times
  • If Password, not valid four times system will ban the IP address.

Here we will test the success scenario and one case of each extension.

This is USE-Case testing in Software Engineering

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