Uptime monitoring services are online applications that help you measure the reliability/availability of a domain, server, website, TCP, DNS, and HTTP(S). In case of downtime, they provide alert by email, phone call, or SMS.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Website Monitoring Tools, with popular features and website links. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

1) Updown

Updown is an online uptime monitoring tool that checks website status periodically by sending an HTTP request to any URL. If the website is not responding correctly, then it notifies you by SMS or email.


  • It offers multilingual supports.
  • Updown provides API to build a custom integration.
  • It conforms the downtime from a range of locations.
  • This software matches the presence of string instead of HTTP status.
  • You will receive alerts for expiring soon or invalid certificates.

Link: https://updown.io

2) StatusCake

StatusCake is a website uptime monitoring tool that sends instant alerts when a user's website goes down. It can also provide alerts when any technical problem like being slow to load found.


  • You can test website availability from over 28 countries.
  • Provide domain and server monitoring services.
  • It analyzes the speed at which your website loads.
  • You can renew your certificate using SSL monitoring of StatusCake.
  • It ensures that the website is not infected with viruses, trojans, or any other threats.
  • You will receive a detailed report in email.
  • It has website testing locations in 48 places.

Link: https://www.statuscake.com

3) Site24x7

Site24x7 is an integrated tool for cloud monitoring, website performance, application, and server monitoring tool. It is designed especially for IT and DevOps to enhance user experiences when accessing websites from various devices.


  • It automatically searches all the devices available within a provided IP range.
  • Supports more than 200 vendors, including Canon, Cisco, HP, Dell.
  • It has 4000+ customizable device templates.
  • You can see top devices based on response time and packet loss.
  • This tool automates mapping with Layer 2 maps.

Link: https://www.site24x7.com

4) Uptime

Uptime is software that checks whether your website is down or not. If it is down, this software will give you alert by email, phone call, or SMS. It checks your website availability from 30+ different locations spread across 6 continents.


  • It provides detailed server report time daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • It checks the website for the virus.
  • This software has the capability to monitor HTTP(s), API, TCP, DNS, and real user monitoring.
  • You can develop a custom app or develop an app from our list of projects.
  • It provides a range of integration, including Twitter, and slack.

Link: https://uptime.com

5) SmartBear

SmartBear is a tool for application performance monitoring, software testing and API management, and software development. It has a network of 350+ private monitoring options.


  • It detects performance anomalies for websites or web applications.
  • This tool helps you to analyze multi-step API transactions without writing code.
  • It monitors and reports on SLA (Service-Level Agreement) requirements.
  • Provides mobile monitoring for checking the performance of web apps, responsive design, and mobile-enabled sites.
  • It enhances mobility by monitoring cloud-based applications.

Link: https://smartbear.com/product/alertsite/overview/

6) Pingdom

Pingdom is a website uptime monitoring tool that is dedicated to making the web faster and more reliable. With the help of this tool, customers get alerted about any issue so that they can focus on their daily business.


  • It examines all parts of a web page
  • This software provides a performance overview.
  • You can trace your performance history
  • It allows you to test from multiple locations.
  • It can track and analyze the load time of website critical pages.
  • You can filter out false alters.
  • Pingdom provides REST API integration.

Link: https://www.pingdom.com

7) Uptrends

Uptrends is an uptime monitoring tool to control the performance, uptime, and functionality of your websites, servers, and APIs.


  • The tool supports various protocol technology for website and server monitoring needs including, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SQL, and MySQL.
  • Automatically sends emails that contain dashboard reports in PDF or excel file to the recipient you have chosen
  • You can monitor your API uptime and set up API calls to cross-check its response data.
  • This online application can also monitor multi-step transactions such as login, search, shopping carts, and forms.
  • It automatically identifies web performance issues in browsers like IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

Link: https://www.uptrends.com

8) Host-Tracker.com

Host Tracker is a comprehensive web monitoring tool that enables you to see a weak and strong point of any website. This tool also helps you to identify site response time and page speed.


  • You can check the availability of the website from more than 140 locations.
  • It allows you to download the final report in PDF, XML, or CSV format.
  • You can get notification of problems through Skype, email, voice call, or hangouts.
  • This tool can monitor domain and d security certificate expiring.
  • host-tracker automatically pause your Google Ads if your website is down.
  • You can check domain or IP is blacklisted or not.

Link: https://www.host-tracker.com

9) Freshworks

Freshworks is a cloud-based solution that can monitor more than 50 URLs from 10 global locations. It gives protection from the false alerts. This tool helps you to get alters without login access.


  • It provides instant downtime alerts.
  • You can communicate the status of your web service and incidents with customers in real time.
  • More than 30 users receive instant weekly reports and downtime alerts.
  • It provides multi-channel notification, including Slack, SMS, Twillio, or Email.
  • This tool can analyze URL, UDP, TCP ports, DNS, etc.
  • Freshworks allows you to add customer troubleshooting instructions for each and every check.

Link: https://www.freshworks.com/website-monitoring/

10) Uptimerobot

Uptime Robot is a software used to monitor websites. It monitors your websites every 5-minute intervals and alerts you if your sites are down.


  • It can check port, ping, and HTTP(s).
  • You can view uptime, downtime as well as response time.
  • It enables you to ignore downtimes
  • You can verify downtime from numerous locations.
  • Uptimerobot enables you to perform monitoring tasks with REST API.
  • This application allows you to share statistics with visitors or teammates.
  • You can specify a period to not get monitored.

Link: https://uptimerobot.com

11) Siteuptime

Siteuptime is a cloud-based application that checks your website from more than 8 different locations. This tool supports multiple server monitoring.


  • It provides a monthly report that can be viewed online anytime through the account control panel.
  • You can monitor FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, and FTP.
  • It has a graphical button icon using which you can display your monitoring uptime on any website.
  • It allows you to change the alert failure limit.
  • You can publically display monitoring statistics.
  • This app allows you to send alerts via email.

Link: https://www.siteuptime.com

12) AppBeat

AppBeat is a tool for monitoring websites and servers. It helps you to see if your services are unresponsive or have any downtime.


  • It checks for a valid HTTP(S) response.
  • This tool provides TLS or SSL monitoring.
  • You can test your email server with POP3, IMAP, or SMTP protocols.
  • It sends a ping request to the server to check that it is working correctly or not.
  • You can check connectivity for port using UDP or TCP protocol.
  • AppBeat analyze domain server entries to see that your addresses are correctly resolved.

Link: https://www.appbeat.io

13) Monitis

Monitis is an application that helps you to optimize your website and avoid system downtimes. It also continually checks the health of your website.


  • It provides real-time reporting
  • This tool monitors web transactions.
  • It can detect and resolve the performance issue of any website.
  • Monitis can analyze server health and network performance.
  • It provides an alert via Twitter, SMS, or Email.
  • This tool supports for TCP protocols like SMTP, SIP, HTTP, UDP, etc.

Link: https://www.monitis.com

14) Solarwinds

This uptime monitor application that helps you to troubleshoot the issue from a single dashboard. You can use this tool to customize the web-based performance dashboards, charts, and views.


  • You can monitor performance from multiple locations.
  • It provides a detailed load-time report.
  • You will get complete website performance monitoring for better visibility.
  • It offers a browser-related transaction recorder.
  • You can track any website or app inside or outside the firewall.

Link: https://www.solarwinds.com/web-performance-monitor

15) New Relic

New Relic APM is the uptime monitoring DevOps tool. This analytics product helps you to check the performance of the application and provide real time data.


  • Monitor performance of External Services
  • It allows full-stack alerting
  • Organize, visualize, evaluate with in-depth analytics
  • Provide a precise picture of dynamically changing systems.
  • The external service's dashboard offers charts with response time
  • Create customized queries on metric data and names
  • Principal Transactions monitor feature to manage and track all the critical business or company transactions.

Link: https://www.newrelic.com

16) Appdynamics

AppDynamics is application performance management software. It detects anomalies and keeps your business running smoothly. This software enables you to visualize revenue paths with customer and app experience in order to fix app issues.


  • It allows you to monitor every critical click, swipe, and tap.
  • This tool uses machine learning in order to automate anomaly detection.
  • It provides enterprise-grade security.
  • You can install, configure, administrate, and manage.
  • It can be deployed on-premises or as SaaS.
  • Appdynamics supports public, private, or multi-cloud applications.

Link: https://www.appdynamics.com